The majestic Kande Viharaya is in the Kalutara District, and it’s a must-visit place during your memorable holiday in Bentota tourist town. Imagine the tranquility that accompanies a temple that stands on the peaks and honors one of the most peace-loving religions in the world. Formed in 1734, Kande Viharaya is among the most famous Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka. The colossal statue of Lord Buddha at the entrance is the main eye-catcher. As you go further inside, you will notice that this temple includes the Stupa, the Bodhi Tree, the Relic Hall, the Upulvan Devalaya, and the other major temples, namely Kataragama & Pattini Devalaya.

The Brilliance of Kande Viharaya: The relic room of the shrine is the oldest construction in the site of the temple. A stone moonstone as well as a door frame are in place at the entrance of the relic room. The interior walls and ceiling of the chamber have Kandyan Era mosaics dating to the latter part of the Kandyan era. The image house of the temple consists of an inner compartment and an outer compartment.

The gateway to the image house is a majestic Thorana with three arch-shaped openings, making it one of the top attractions and Best Things to do in Bentota.Within the inner chamber, three Buddha images are in standing, sitting, and sleeping postures. The walls and ceilings of both chambers have tales of the Jataka, incidents of the Buddha’s voyage through creation, and different styles of other paintings.

Beyond the walls of the temple is the Prayer Hall, a historic Bo Tree enclosed by a lotus petal wall. A five-story building with a small relic room, a museum of relics, ancient books, and documents, and the Sri Saranathissa Remembrance Library. Various significant books are there in this library. On the other side of the Bo Tree is the main Dhamma Hall of Saranathissa, where monks preach Buddhism to visitors and devotees.

The Giant Buddha Statue: The launched the tremendous Vihara project at the beginning of the 21st century is the development of the highest Buddha statue in Sri Lanka. The setting of the main foundation for the Buddha statue of 107 riyans (160 feet) in height representing the Bhumisparsha Mudra took place on 10 November 2002. The innovators of this Giant Project are Venerable Batuwanhene Sri Buddharakkitha Nayaka Thero, current Chief of Staff, and Venerable Yatadolawatte Ariyawansa Thero, headmaster of the Pirivena.  The Buddha statue, the biggest in Sri Lanka, is portraying the Weerasena posture on a lotus flower. The shelter of the statue features various religious works of art and sculptures.

The staircase heading to the Buddha Statue is in line with Korawak Gal, the security stones as well as the moonstones. Sanchi Thorana increases its magnificence and sanctity. This beautiful image of the Buddha, which is the focus of public worship, contributes to the sanctity of Kande Vihare.

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