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Gem Tours in Sri Lanka – Explore the Vibrant Gem Industry

Sri Lanka is one of the major producers of gems in the world and has been renowned for its fine gemstones for several centuries. And the beautiful island is a major hub for over 75 types of valuable and semi-precious gemstones. A Sri Lanka gem tour will offer you an in-depth study of the gem sector – what kind of gems are available, how they are produced, the best places to buy from, and so on.  So, here’s the perfect chance to get your hands on the lovely vibrant semi-precious stones of Ceylon that you’ve been watching!

Gemstones Found in Sri Lanka

For the last several million years, extreme weather and massive erosion have culminated in strong and substantial accumulations of soil in the flood plains of rivers, reservoirs, and the now-buried river canals of the Highland complex. Major secondary-alluvial-gem deposits are accumulated within these weathering materials. Except for a few sedimentary occurrences in the Eastern Vijayan Complex, nearly all deposits of Sri Lankan gem have been reported within the Highland and, to a lesser degree, the Southwest Classes. 

Today, vast swaths of alluvial deposits have been extensively mined in the major gem fields of Ratnapura and Elahera in Sri Lanka, where most colored gemstones are located. And below is a list of famous gemstones found in Sri Lanka:

  • Ruby
  • Spinel
  • Amethyst
  • Sapphire
  • Garnet
  • Rose Quartz
  • Aquamarine
  • Tourmaline
  • Agate
  • Cymophane
  • Topaz
  • Citrine
  • Alexandrite
  • Zircon
  • Moonstone

The overwhelming majority of gem deposits contained in Sri Lanka are sedimentary in nature. And over 90% of the island is made up of Precambrian metamorphic rocks and can be split into four main segments:

  • Highland Group
  • Western Vijayan Complex
  • Southwest Group
  • Eastern Vijayan Complex

Gems of Sri Lanka – Why are They so Special and the History Explained

The Gem industry in Sri Lanka has been in existence for more than 2,500 years. Some of the priciest gemstones of exceptional beauty have held great pride in the Crown Jewels of Kings and Queens since the time of the Great Roman Conquest. Gemstones in Sri Lanka were brought to the notice by adventurer Marco Polo, who wrote extensively about the island’s natural riches. hThe Italian merchant said that Sri Lanka was host to some of the most exquisite sapphires, and topazes, and amethysts in the world.

A gemstone is the natural crystalline component of a mineral that is attractive for its elegance, precious in its rareness, and long-lasting enough to be appreciated for centuries. There are over 30 common gem varieties and several other uncommon collector gemstones. Some varieties often come in many colors.

World Famous Gemstones from Sri Lanka – the List

World Famous Gemstones from Sri Lanka – the List

  • Giant of the Orient
  • Star of Sri Lanka
  • Logan Blue Sapphire
  • Pride of Sri Lanka
  • BlueBella of Asia
  • Rosser Reeves Star Ruby
  • Grayish Blue Star of India
  • Black Prince Ruby/Spinel
  • Naleem Alexandrite 
  • The British Royal Jewel
  • The Eye of the Lion
  • Empress Maria’s Sapphire
  • The Star of Artaban
  • Bismarck Sapphire
  • Midnight Star Sapphire
  • Star of Bombay
  • Timur Ruby/Spinal
  • Ray of Treasure
  • Star of Adam
  • Princess Diana Engagement Ring
  • Maharani’s Cat’s Eye

So, most of the world’s iconic gems have originated from this small island in the Indian Ocean. It’s one reason you must choose this island for gem tours. 

The Best City for Sri Lankan Gem Tours

Ratnapura, the capital city of the province of Sabaragamuwa, is the center of trade in gems in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Gems and Jewelry Tours offers you the chance to visit a gem pit where you can try out mining and get an insight into other significant perspectives of the Sri Lankan Gem industry. 

Other than Ratnapura, many other areas have been identified for gem mining. If you visit this island for an extended gem tour, you can visit such other prominent cities, too. No journey to the island is done without a visit to the several shops selling jewelry and accessories in Colombo and Galle. If you are a jewelry maker and a gem cutter, then a visit to the manufacturers in Ratnapura is a must. 

Sri Lanka Gem Tours Experience Explained

Jewelry development in Sri Lanka has grown through the years and has adapted to the younger generation. Classic jewels and jewelry development sets international standards for the development of the best gemstones in the world. Moonstones, tourmaline, cat’s eye, and more are eligible for purchase as separate stones or in all types of wearable jewelry. 

Tash Jewels & Jewelry is the preferred jeweler, cutter, and jewelry maker. They dig rough stones, break them, and expose a specific kind of sapphire to the sun, which allows a more vivid blue to transform.

The Immensity of Sri Lanka’s Gem Industry

Sri Lanka has one of the most concentrated gem reserves on the planet, with almost 25% of Sri Lanka carrying gems. With nearly 500 forms of minerals known around the globe, there are approximately 75 variants in Sri Lanka. Some of the most popular gemstones found in the country are chrysoberyl, zircon, tourmaline, beryl, spinel, topaz, granite, sapphire, and, of course, ruby.

Buying Gems in Sri Lanka

Buying gems from Sri Lanka is much more affordable than buying Sri Lankan gemstones in western countries. Nowadays, Sri Lankan gems are the most famous products among tourists. Many travelers visit Sri Lanka ready to purchase gems. 

However, without proper knowledge of stones and knowing the tricks of exchange, it is exceedingly difficult to do business. Any shiny stone may transfer to the casual observer as a high-value gemstone. 

Unless you have a decent basic knowledge of gemology and usually know your garnets from your rubies and spinels from your sapphires, you might end up with a useless stone!

Gem Tours in Sri Lanka with Us

As a leading travel agency in Sri Lanka, we know the best places to buy gems that are authentic and government-registered. Contact us today and plan your gem tour on this enchanting island. We can also combine these tours with other adventure and leisure holiday packages in Sri Lanka