Horton plains national park – Montane zone

Horton plains national park is an avifauna habitat set in stark contrast to the rest of Sri Lanka. Undulating wet grasslands, misty cloud forests, colourful relic forests, and cold climate are all set in this mountainous national park. Spotting montane endemics should be the main purpose of bird watching at Horton plains.

Endemic bird sighting opportunities at Horton Plains

  • Sri Lanka Yellow-eared Bulbul
  • Sri Lanka Wood Pigeon
  • Sri Lanka White-eye
  • Spot-winged Thrush
  • Dull-blue Flycatcher
  • Sri Lanka Bush Warbler
  • Scaly Thrush
  • Sri Lanka Whistling Thrush
  • Brown-capped Babbler
  • Sri Lanka Spur-fowl
  • Sri Lanka Jungle-fowl
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