Leopords in Sri Lanka - Yala National Park
Leopards in Yala National Park Sri Lanka
Leopards in Sri Lanka - Yala National Park

The Sri Lankan leopard is a leopard subspecies native to the island. You can find these fierce felines in all habitats throughout the island. Expect to spot these rare leopards in Sri Lanka’s central hills, tea estates, grasslands, and pine and eucalyptus plantations. Unfortunately, the population of these animals is declining fast. The IUCN identified the Sri Lankan leopard as vulnerable, which alarmed animal lovers worldwide. You are most likely to catch a sight of a Sri Lankan leopard during your safari adventure at Yala National Park  and Wilpattu National Park

The Sri Lankan leopard is a solitary hunter, except for females with young. Males’ ranges typically overlap the smaller ranges of several females, as well as portions of the ranges of neighboring males, although exclusive core areas are apparent. They are more active and prefer hunting at night. Still, they are somewhat active during dawn, dusk, and daytime hours too. They rarely haul their kills into trees, which is likely due to the lack of intraguild competition and the relative abundance of prey.