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Village life in the countryside is fascinating and extremely sociable. The houses are provincial and each village tends to be inhabited by entire family generations. A Village Tour in Sri Lanka would offer you a chance to experience traditional Sri Lanka with all its authenticity. an authentic encounter with the local village folk; experiencing their lifestyles, their culture and their hospitality. Spend time with the villagers and engage in many village activities that form everyday life; such as an oxen cart ride, a catamaran ride, and a walk through the fields. Learn to cook traditional Sri Lankan food. During your countryside trips, you can enjoy various aspects of village life. You can see their lifestyle in close quarters and experience their joys and sorrows. You can understand how hard they work to earn their livelihood. You would see several works associated with day-to-day works of village life such as fishing, wood carving, bakery, farming, coconut tree climbing etc. We can arrange your village tour with an experienced guide in below villages.